The Future or Drupal Website Development

As of 2018, Drupal is one of the top 10 content management system in the market. Drupal has larger market share than many other content management systems like Magento, Blogger, Squarespace and Shopify although WordPress and Joomla has larger market share than Drupal. Drupal is used by so many large and high traffic websites like AT&T’s app beta, FedEx’s news site, CNN’s CNNgo website, Sun Microsystem’s Java .net, Granny etc.


Due to huge demand and benefits of Drupal, an experienced Drupal website development company should be contacted for any website development need. Drupal is an open source content management system and enables us to create, publish, store and manage digital content without spending much money. Drupal also accelerates custom website development by providing a simple admin interface and various modules. The admin interface helps users to manage the website efficiently and the numerous modules developed by professional Drupal developers help to enhance the website’s functionality without any need to again write the same code. Drupal future is largely dependent on its features and extensions, how they remain popular, useful and how they make Drupal one of the most widely used CMS. 

Features on Which Future of Drupal Depends:-


-Thousands of Modules


When a developer is developing custom web application then he has to make many changes to the Drupal CMS to meet the business requirements. Drupal is open source, customizable and scalable hence can easy be customized. Also there are about 38,000 Drupal modules available online which the developer can use to add more functionality into the site. Hence the developer don’t need to write the same code for these modules again and can quickly develop the Drupal websites. The developer has also option to even customize these modules as per the specific requirements.


-Thousands of Themes


Drupal enables the developers to customize the look and feel of a website by using themes. Right now there are about 2500 themes available online to be used by developers. The developer can choose any of these themes to give a unique look to the website. As these themes are open source hence the developer can even customize these themes as per his custom requirements for the website. Drupal also allows web developers to create sub-themes of an existing theme. Hence the developer can easily optimize the source code of an existing theme by creating sub-themes which inherit all the resources of the parent theme.


-Simple Installation Process and Easy to use


It is much easier to install and configure Drupal than other content management systems. Drupal can be installed without doing any complex configuration options. Drupal is also easy to use post installation.


-Easy Digital Content Management


The website visitor needs many types of digital content on the website to remain engaged. Drupal fastens the content driven website development by supporting various types of digital content like text, blogs, polls, statistics, podcasts etc. Drupal CMS also allows the developers to categorize the website content based on many parameters. The developers can even organize and reuse the digital content by creating custom lists.


-High Level of Security


Drupal offers advanced and enterprise level security features. The inbuilt security features in the Drupal CMS enable the web developers to keep the website secure without using additional plugins or modules. Drupal developers can enhance the website’s security simply by changing configuration settings. Drupal developers also post the latest vulnerability in Drupal on online communities so that all developers can read it and fix it quickly.




Although Drupal is an open source content management system but it has evolved a lot in past few years. The latest version of Drupal i.e. Drupal 8 comes with many new modules and improvements. By looking at the features which Drupal offers to its developers and their popularity, it seems future of Drupal is quite bright. It is important to note that developer also has to invest extra time and effort to learn Drupal. Also many developers use third part Drupal modules for enterprise web application development. Hence these things should also be taken care of in future if Drupal wants to remain popular and competitive.

4 Bonafide Reasons for You to Pick Drupal for Developing eCommerce Website

As more and more businesses lean towards having an online presence, the web development is witnessing influx of greater number of tools and technologies. And webmasters are also looking for the perfect platform to host their website on. Particularly for eCommerce sites, the webmasters want a mix of everything – versatility, scope to customize and expand their site’s functionality and an inherent robustness. And keeping these requirements in mind, one name that is tossed by experts most frequently is drupal.

On this date, drupal happens to be among the most sought-after platforms for creating business websites, particularly the eCommerce websites. There is a host of capabilities and benefits drupal vests developers with to help them create a website that doesn’t fall short on features. And this amounts to the reason where there is a sudden rise in companies that are looking to hire drupal developers. But going back to the reasons why drupal is popular, here are a few:

Greater Degree of Flexibility with Payment Modes

The ever-fluctuating market trends dictate the need for websites that are flexible to their very fibre. If your website is rigidly made and doesn’t give you a lot of room to customize, you aren’t well placed to address to the changing needs and expectations of your customers and of the market. The ability to make changes on the fly is what serves your website and your business well and drupal lets you achieve exactly that. For example, in eCommerce websites, it gives you more freedom with the payment modes. It helps you create multiple payment gateways and facilitates making payments through more than one platform – PayPal, Amazon, etc.

Setting Different Price Slabs

When an overseas customer is buying your product, the shipping of products is one aspect you need to pay close attention to. Now, if you are using Drupal, you have multiple ways thar are relevant and effective enough to let you create these slabs in a manner most simple. Even though the whole exercise is a complex one that involves multiple steps like taking account of the item weight, the price structure, and the location on which it is meant to be delivered at, Drupal Commerce makes the whole exercise much simpler and fuss free.

Greater Transparency

Transparency is one aspect of web development that has always been desired by web developers and webmasters alike. And particularly with open source platforms, transparency is a prerequisite. In Drupal, the level of transparency is elevated by several notches and this makes it easier for developers to make customizations based on the current requirements.

Highlight Your Most Popular Products

While running an eCommerce site, you would obviously like to highlight the products that are being sold the most. With Drupal, you get a better insight into which products of yours are most sought-after so that you can market them even more. Drupal modules equip you with features that let you implement them with a greater degree of simplicity.

Drupal is arguably THE platform for every website that roams the territory of dynamism and versatility. Built your eCommerce portal on Drupal and give your users a great shopping experience.