Is it important to use Bootstrap for PSD to HTML conversion?

If you are a web designer or developer, then you know what PSD is and how web development depends on it. For those who don’t know what it is, well, the PSD is Photoshop Document file. It is a proprietary file of Adobe Creative Suite and is used during the web designing to slicing and coding process. Moreover, these PSD files give a creative appearance and easy navigation to your portal.

The best thing about PSD file format is that you can edit it anytime and anywhere. But the only drawback of the PSD designs is that they are not compatible with the internet browsers and search engines so you need to Convert PSD To HTML which is the official web markup. Apart from PSD format, you can also use the JPEG, TIFF & PSB files for the HTML conversion and web development process.
If you wish to come up with an innovative and responsive portal then you need to convert the PSD design files to HTML5 & CSS3 which is the latest web standard. The best thing about this conversion is that it offers them more elaborated and easy way to make the site more approachable if they do this conversion using CSS Code. Writing a CSS script is not an easy job. You will be needing a framework do this job.
The good news is that Twitter Bootstrap comes in handy for this process. This effective creation is done by combining HTML, JavaScript and CSS. With the help of Bootstrap, you can come up with a responsive, user-friendly, cross-browser compatible and error-free code for the website. In a very less time, Bootstrap has won hearts of several web developers and as per the latest market trends, Bootstrap is widely used for the PSD conversion process.
With all the latest technologies at your disposal, all you need to do is to hire a reliable, experienced and authentic web development agency that specialises in conversion services. You need to make sure that the company which you selected for your project is reliable because this conversion is the core part of your website and if anything goes wrong whole portal will be ruined. So before you appoint someone, do your homework and don’t forget to check the reviews of the development agency.
The reason it is recommended to use Bootstrap because it will help you scale the desired images in accordance with your customised requirements. Bootstrap also offers Fluid Grid features which makes the image scaling much easier and hassle-free. The 12 column grid which comes with Bootstrap assists in putting together the responsive features in the website. It is compatible with all the image modes such as Bitmap, Duotone, Grayscale, RGB, Indexed Colour and CYMK.
So why you should choose Twitter Bootstrap over others. The answer is simple, Bootstrap is much easier, adaptive and comes pre-loaded with many features. Along with that, you will also get a well documented and highly detailed CSS code when you will be using the Twitter Bootstrap. Moreover, the compatibility with web browsers is also not an issue. And you also not have to worry about up-gradation thing. A reliable and skilled service provider is necessary to carry out PSD to html conversions using Bootstrap.

Latch Onto SEO Friendly WordPress Website With 301 Redirect

Crafting a search engine friendly URL is a wise decision but doing so is not a piece of cake. There are a plenty of things that have to be taken into account. Ever heard of 301 redirect? Here, we have come up with a platform where you can learn and understand the impact of 301 redirect, especially when you are rewriting the search engine friendly URLs, tailoring the content, performing HTML to WordPress Migration or switching the complete website to a brand new domain.

Nuts and bolts of 301 redirect: A 301 redirect simply means that the original and old URL is permanently moved. An ideal 301 redirect works by directly changing the address of the content. Apparently, URL will be changed without causing any changes to content, images, layout and title tag of the website. When the whole process is done genuinely, then as we know, a 301 redirect outdo somewhere in the region of 85% of its original link equity.

However, the new page needs not to be parallel to 301 in order to pass the equity. The problem may also arise when webmasters employ the 301 so as to redirect all the visitors to a non-relevant page. Also, mind that the far you will move from semantically relevant content, the probability of passing relevant link reduces.

Is 301 redirect really assisting websites?

High traffic volume: If heightened search result is encountered, then it automatically means a higher traffic volume, therefore if old webpage is appeared among the top search results, then a 301 will aid the new page to appear at the top. This will not take place swiftly and very soon the ranking and traffic will be affected.

The search engines will first seek for the new page and deem it as a new page without any authority. However, once it knows about a page’s new link, the traffic will be restored and you need not to build it up from the scratch.

Link Juice: The blunder that people commit while redesigning a website is that they think that they are only elevating the performance of existing website. They usually do not know that there is a lot of link juice that flows out while changing HTML Site to WordPress Theme that affects the website in SEO aspect. A 3-1 redirect keeps the control over this juice flow.

You might have also seen various codes such as 401, 403, 503 and a few more that usually appear while loading the websites. Code 301 is one of them that moves permanently. It indicates the requesting software, especially the search engine spider that content from one URL has been transited to another URL. When Google encounters a 301, it transits SEO juice from first one to the other one.

Google analytics and marketing benefits: Employ 301 redirects while planning the marketing strategies in order to send the requests to a webpage that does not exist anymore. You can also take the 301 redirect settings, if you are willing to track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Setup 301 redirect swiftly: After going through all the above mentioned leverages, you might have made up your mind that you will setup 301 redirect to your website. Here is an outline to simple and ultimate ways that will give you a website with 301 redirect:

Employing WordPress plugins: You can grab 301 redirect from the WordPress repository as it will robotically setup the redirect when you modify old permalinks. As soon as you will install the redirect plugin, move into tools > 301 redirect.

Carving htaccess files: If you are willing to add 301 redirect manually in htaccess file, just connect with FTP to WordPress directory and opt for htaccess file to edit. Keep an eye out while editing the htaccess file manually and also make sure that you are creating a backup while saving all the changes you have made.

Use SEO Plugin: Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is the one that allows you to edit your htaccess. However, you can also make use of FTP client akin to FileZilla and do it accordingly.

Now, you might have understood the role of 301 redirect, so, do not let your SEO juice leak all over, especially when you are converting your website to WordPress. Google will also understand how to deal with errors and the audiences need not to deal anymore with “Page not Found” errors. Over years, you will realize the value of this practice that gives you significantly augmented rankings.