Few Points to Remember While Choosing the PSD to HTML Services

Most of the clients sometimes are seen landing into a muddle headed situation before choosing the PSD to HTML services. The only doubt that often comes in their minds is; whether these services offered by the IT companies bear the respective degree of authentication or not. These kind of doubts further turns into a fear when it comes to outsourcing the services.

All together, many such type of questions turn these people so negative that they often leave the idea of outsourcing and later on, prefer to hire the developers at the costs 4 times higher than what they will pay to the companies in the developing countries like India, China, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. Hence if you as the client is facing similar situation and are doubtful about outsourcing then you should go through these few points which can help you in making the right decisions.

The number of PSD to HTML projects delivered by the company: Before choosing any company for PSD to HTML Conversion, the first thing you should remember is the number of similar projects delivered by an organization. If the IT company has delivered good number of projects then you can think of moving ahead for outsourcing the services.

Is the company ISO or CMM level 3 certified or not: If the company has both of these universal certifications then you can think of hatching a deal with the company.

Strength of Employees: Yes, it is important that you should know the strength of the company . By knowing the total strength of the company, you will be able to figure out the number of developers, designers, quality analysts and PSD to HTML specialists employed by the company . When you are confirmed that an organization is credible enough for outsourcing, you can step further to cement the deal.

How You Can Optimize the Web Accessibility of a Website?

In the current scenario, many enterprises have ignored the power of accessibility because most of the times they have been observed giving more focus on creating the most unique web designs. Due to this very own reason, the motto to serve the purpose of accessibility has also been ignored many times and the users in the later stages find themselves in the state of lurch where they are unable to access the information.

Majority of the developers are under the wrong impression about the accessibility and they think that eliminating the visual appeal will help to improve the over all functioning of the website. These types of misconceptions often lead to the downfall of the website. But with the changing times, these decade old perceptions have also been changing and as the result of this change, today majority of the online visitors are accessing the website by many ways. According to various web analysts, creating the accessible web designs can be instrumental in boosting the viral reach of the website. All together, it can play a constructive role in amplifying the viewership of the website as well.

If you feel that improving the accessibility of the website is a serious matter then it is significant for you to take a few measures to optimize the same. So here given below are some of the solutions, implementing which you can improve the accessibility.

Develop an Informative Content For The Graphics i.e images, videos, pictures

If you want to make your website expressive then it is vital for you to develop rich content for the graphics and write only those words which can easily understood by the online users.

Provide Logical Title to the Links

By giving a logical name to the link, you can easily navigate the users to desired search results. If you will give a reasonable title to the links, the users are most likely to understand what type of content are they going to get in return to their clicks. For an instance if you have clicked on the about us page then on the address bar a linked name “about us” will appear on your screen and then you will be directly steered towards the main site.

Select Some Suitable Font Sizes

You as the developer should utilize the font sizes in the form of percentages rather than using it in pixels or points. This initiative will permit the users to re-size the fonts from smaller to a larger size respectively.

Provide Comprehensive Details

The developers can avoid using unnecessary colors or bright hue tones which most certainly can avert the interests of the users. Suppose you are marking some buttons or required fields with a different name but if it is not well perceived by the online visitors then indicating them with easier words can be a suitable option.

Fill the Missing Links

If you want to avoid yourself from visiting the same page again then using the skip links can be the apt option. These missing links can play a key role in steering you directly to the desired pages.

Chose Easy Name For The Menu

The developers instead of naming the menu buttons like China’ can also name it as “Select Country Name”. Instead of naming it like Male or Female, you can also make it Gender. The name of the default items should be so expressive that a common online visitor can easily understand the main crux of that given link.

Forms Should be Titled Aptly

The forms should be created in logical and reasonable manner. The questions and answers should be inserted in the same line of the input field. The labels should be put on the same side of the input field.

Properly Insert the “H” Tags

By using the proper headlines that too in a disciplined sequence will help the visitors to reach their destination directly. You can also hyperlink these headlines in a group and by clicking it on any of the links, you will be steered to the requisite topics. Similarly, during the PSD to HTML conversions, you are required to follow these rules and would have to place all the H tags in a sequence.

CSS Can be Beneficial

If you want to own a full control over the layout then using the cascading style sheet can be a better option. With CSS, you can change the horizontal or say linear design of the page without changing its visual layout.

Utilize Reasonable Page Titles

If you want that the online visitors should visit your page repeatedly then utilizing the reasonable page titles can be the option simply worth it. If you will put same name for every web page, the reader may get conufused and he may leave the page forever. So it is always recommended that you should keep some logical names for the page titles.

Make the Best Use of Colors

The colors in the website should be used in such a way that a user can easily understand the clear meaning of contents published in it.

Add Detailed Tag Elements with Acronyms or Abbreviations

When you are using the short forms or appreviations in your webpages then using the comprehensively defined tag elements can be the apt option. For an example if you are using the word HTML, then the user visiting the site may get confused and he may shift on to some another link in the website.

Utilize Language with Full Precision

You should use only those words which can easily be searched by the search engines. For an example it is better to the word “Select Your City” instead of New York. The language used by you should be precise and accurate.

Escape From Using the Word CAPTCHA

You should avoid using the word Captcha because there are many users are actually not well versed with the technical terms. So it is always recommended that you should try to make the forms as simple as possible.

Develop a properly Synchronized Form

The order submition form in your website should be developed in such a way that it can easily be understood by the amateur users as well. Even if theperson is not well versed with technology he will be able to operate it with an ease. The lack of technology should not create any hassle for them.

Advantages of Outsourcing PSD to HTML / WordPress Conversion Services

The offshore clients often face lots of problems while running static files or simple images on the web browsers. In fact, the number of traffic hits received are also comparatively less than the other online sites because the low quality templates are not taken into account or generally pushed back by the search engines. In this situation when these clients in USA or UK step ahead for hiring a developer, they in the later stages end up in a complete mess up because employing a developer results in exceeding their budget and finally, they put this whole procedure at halt. At this time, outsourcing PSD to HTML services, emerges as the only option for them.

By outsourcing the PSD to HTML services, you will get 100% work satisfaction, project support services, 24 hours custom support, regular feedback and many other miscellaneous services will be provided to the clients at affordable costs. With vast talent pool of developers in the developing countries like India, you are assured to find many service providers offering different range of services at reasonable costs.

The main USP of developing the markups through these companies is the quality you get after making reasonable investments is simply worth it. Similarly, the PSD to WordPress services are also provided on the same lines for the clients who want to jack up their web page strength and want it to get positioned on the top ranks. Being genuinely known as the best CMS platform, the clients by using these type of implementations can also draw huge traffic on their website as well.

PSD to HTML: An unique and improved service with Markupcloud

Today when we talk about business, we know that one of the pivotal element would be having website with rich information about your business with good and appealing design. If you look at the websites having great designs and running with lots of daily visitors and users, do you think what exactly made users to comeback and appreciate the website? Users come back to website because the websites has best of the HTMLs out of their great designs. But while converting your PSD to HTML you must have a capable HTML conversion service which can convert your design and implement effects the way you have visualized so far because without realizing the importance of this step, you will be forced to compromise with quality or price or sometime with both. With our experience over years we suggest everyone to pay due attention on HTML or markup conversion as well and looking at the structure and scenario of current PSD to XHTML market, it is obviously need a change so that benefits can again flow towards clients.

Markupcloud is one of the client centric PSD to HTML service provider, with years of experience of 150+ front end developers having skills to convert your PSD to HTML, HTML5, XHTML along with ability to convert your designs to themes of your selected CMS. With equipped with this much of experience we have now offering PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla conversion services with amazingly unique packages, in which you no longer to pay extra money in order to implement some basic and essential elements. Our PSD to HTML service offer you Cross browser compatibility, Free Dream weaver compatibility along with free implementation of roll overs, dynamic menus and/or light box, that too with cost of US$79 only for Home page and US39 only for inner page. Since are going to place order in our inaugural week, we are also going to give you further discount of 10% on all orders.

With our unmatched quality, service and exact turnaround time, you are going to love us for sure. If you are worried about privacy and security, just to let you know that we can sign NDA on your terms and even if you do not sign NDA with us we will never reveal anything about your project without express written consent of yours or we will never contact your client or clients of client in any case. To refer more please check our privacy policy and FAQ. Now you do not have to wait anymore use our order page to place your order now to avail all our unique and fabulous services now. If you still have question or need assistance you can write to us using our contact page or drop an email to [email protected] for further clarification on any matter, we will be more than happy to help and serve you.

Markupcloud – Best valued PSD to HTML service provider from across the globe

We at Markupcloud.com has an aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients with accurate PSD to HTML/XHRML/HTML5 conversion within allocated budget and time and our proven track records of satisfied customers represents the same. Our refined approach towards our plans and packages are developed keeping the current design standards in mind, where every design is supposed to have Web 2.0 standards with its elements. HTML developers at Markupcloud make sure that they follow exactly same elements while converting them to markup. So to make sure to stick with the Web 2.0 designs we have specifically developed PSD to HTML conversion packages so that you get the value out of your investment and can generate ROI at its maximum.

Markupcloud.com offers its PSD to HTML/XHTML service starting from US$79 only & inner page with US$39. This base price includes number of benefits specifically developed keeping the design pattern of current market scenario in mind. Our deliverable of PSD to HTML service includes:

-          100% Hand Coded HTML 4.0.1 / XHTML 1.0 Transitional

-          Complete table-less markup

-          W3C Validated Markup

-          Cross Browser Compatibility

-          Dreamweaver Compatibility

-          Free Implementation of Roll Overs, Dynamic Menu and Light Box

This conversion package will give you an end product coupled with all markup standards along with Free implementation of Roll overs, Dynamic Menu and light box, which are essential elements of Web 2.0 designs. Today almost every designer and developer use dreamweaver for their development purposes and this fact compelled us to provide compatibility to every markup with dreamweaver free of cost. This is not the end of benefits you are going to avail at Markupcloud.com we have come up with unique range of services as well with most cost effective price ever.

-          You can order PSD to HTML5 /CSS3 in addition of US$109 only.

-          You can order iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet compatibility for US$49 only.

Moreover we are offering our clients a 10% flat discount on every order this time. As mentioned above we are a client centric service provider keeping the comfort level high for our client.

Have PSD to convert in HTML? You can use www.markupcloud.com/order to place your order with all benefits mentioned above or you can contact us at [email protected] for further query or send us your NDA to sign. Your 10% promotional discount will automatically be implemented on orders you will place, which you can see in order summary at the same page

Now save upto 40% on PSD to HTML services with Markupcloud.com

Markupcloud has launched specialized services of PSD to HTML / CSS for its clients with some new twists in services. Besides quality markups and exact turnaround times, client will now be availing some of the services as a part of default price. With clients from around the world we are determine to offer our services which gives you best value of your money. We are living in the era of Web 2.0 and smart phones, its getting evolved day by day, so looking at the market trend we have decided to come up with plans and price ranges which will benefit our clients and will return their ROI at the maximum. Our PSD to HTML service starts from US$ 79 and inner page US$39, which includes not only default offerings like hand coded HTML 4.0.1 / XHTML 1.0 Transitional with W3C validations having cross browser compatibility on all the major browsers like Chrome, Mozila, IE etc with table less coding elements but also some unique and more useful elements in your markup like Dreamweaver compatibility, Rollover Implementation, use of Light boxes and Dynamic Menu calling. It means you are no longer need to pay extra $40-$50 to implement most required parts if your web pages.

Market trend and speed of its evolution asks for change in traditional markup offerings and with the launch of markupcloud its all possible now. Our prices and packages are designed based on changing market scenarios and its future aspects. Our specific offers of PSD to HTML5 and CSS3 with price as low as only $109 and mobile device compatibility in $49 speaks for itself. We know that coming days belong to HTML5 and smart phones and our offerings ensure that you spend amount in your budget to make your PSDs get converted to HTML with best quality and stay useful for long time. Now only markup conversion services, we make sure that you receive fair prices for CMS conversion so unlike to others we make sure you avail every possible information regarding the PSD to CMS conversion services, where we charge for CMS conversion only once and not in recurrence with every page beside this we provide our client to choose specific add-ons from the list for their websites so that final deliverable will be the ready to use set up and they can start making money right away. The list of add-ons have most common and required ones like facebook like/share or SEO related add-ons or add-on capable to take backup for your website, making sure you never run out of data whenever required.

According to our CEO operations Bob Thompsons, Markupcloud comes with vision of true client services including most economical and useful offers, supreme quality end results and ability to meet said deadlines every time. He further added that MarkupCloud is a complete client centric service provider with promise to deliver quality and keep the integrity intact with strict NDA to make sure that clients stay always protected and happy.

To use our service and know more about us, you can log on to www.markupcloud.com or drop your inquiry on [email protected] and do not forget to ask for 10% introductory discount on all orders.