Can I Set Up A Blog Using Magento?

The answer is yes! Magento, which is well-renowned for its e-commerce capabilities, gives you the freedom to set up your very own blog- that too in a hassle free manner. Setting up a blog using Magento CMS is not a very intricate process but you need to remember that blog functionality is not incorporated in the CMS by default. You need to make certain enhancements and add custom extensions to setup a Magento powered blog.

There are several extensions available in Magento Connect, you can select the one that suits your requisites the most. One of the most widely used and highly popular blog extensions in Magento is Magento Blog- Community Edition. You can install this extension; just as you install other Magento extensions, and get set go for your blogging venture!

Here’s how to go about setting up your very first Magento blog:

#   Get the key to your selected extension and enter it into the Magento Connect meant for your website.

#  Once you have entered the requisite details, you will see an additional section in the top menu bar of the admin section of your Magento site.

#  This menu item is dedicatedly meant for your Magento blog and from here you can alter the various blog related settings, add and edit posts, manage comments and a lot more.

Your personalized Magento blog is now ready to use.

Quick Tip: If you are unable to run the extension after installing it on the Magento Connect and get access denied, try and logging out of the admin and then logging in again. This will resolve the issue.